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About Deadline Paranormal

Deadline Paranormal was founded by two law enforcement officials in 2011. Founders Jim and Tony have a combined 37 plus years of experience in all spectrums of the law enforcement field. After talking one night at work about the paranormal, we have decided to form a bond as a team and start investigating the paranormal and imply our experience and knowledge to the unexplained. We believe that there may be something on the other side. Our goal is to explain the explainable and do our best to try to explain the unexplainable. 

Since our team is small we tend to harvest great results. This is due to less interference which could cause mistakes or contamination in investigations. 

Some people may be asking themselves. What makes your group any different from the rest of the groups? Our answer is nothing. We perform on the same level as some of the other elite paranormal groups and strive to better ourselves with education in various ranges of the paranormal. Our team uses the same main stream equipment that most paranormal groups use, we have no special tricks or experimental equipment to lure ghosts or capture evidence any better than another group. We feel that "ghost hunting" requires luck and possibly even a certain relationship with the "other side". We may be the new kids on the block but we certainly have what it takes to work hard and achieve success in acquiring evidence and helping our clients with their problems and help them understand what may be taking place in their home or business. 

DeadLine Paranormal also welcomes the opportunity to work with our local businesses 

We promote accuracy, and truthfulness in our investigations. 

We provide advice within the scope of our expertise. 

We respect our client's and their privacy.

Remember to always get permission before your investigation. At no time does Deadline Paranormal condone trespassing or any violation of the law.

Thank You From Your Brothers At

Deadline Paranormal